Home Renovation

Home Renovation

We Do Complete Home Renovation, which includes Bedroom, Living Room, Office Renovation and Commercial Renovations.

Home Renovation Service

Everything needs an update similarly your house too!

Are you living with same unpleasant place with Same Old Interiors? Thinking to Renovate? Reach Us

You have reached a right platform! At Riya Interior Pvt. Ltd, our services include civil work, plumbing work, bathroom renovation, electrical work, carpentry work, bathroom renovation, and polishing, and several other interior solutions. We here are here to hear your Ideas and renovate your house as per your choice with professional experts’ touch. 

Before coming to a conclusion we give an overview of your project about how it looks post renovation to decide the best choice for you.

A pleasant home brings lots of happiness and makes you feel the pride to spend quality time with your family. Renovation services are provided to change the entire look and style of the home. It can revamp the ventilation, cooling as well as warming to make the home more comfortable under all circumstances

When we are attached to our current space, Renovation is the best solution rather than starting from scratch, also it saves money and time, we renovate your house more effectively and cost-effectively. Renovation can be done any part of your house like room resizing, converging of rooms, and tile handling-off, room segmentation to make more rooms, remodeling of the kitchen and bath of your homes such as hot tub, spa and others.


Before RenovationAfter Renovation


We at Riya Interior Pvt Ltd understand that your comfort is the most important aspect when you are redesigning your home. And we design spaces to ensure that you get the best of everything.

Our interior experts provide you with latest trends in interior designing, which can be implemented in your home.